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Entrepreneurship Starts Early in Canada’s Most Entrepreneurial Region
6.19.2019 | Invest Kelowna
The Central Okanagan is known as Canada’s most entrepreneurial region and that spirit is alive and well in Central Okanagan Public Schools. The 22nd annual iGen Challenge (formerly the Young Entrepreneur Program) wrapped up on June 13th, with middle and high school students pitching their innovative…
Metabridge Returns for it's 11th Annual Technology Executive Retreat
6.12.2019 | Invest Kelowna
Beginning as a program of the COEDC in 2008, Metabridge has since spun off into an independent organization building a global venture capital network that has seen 22+ acquisitions, 135 alumni and over $450M invested in the Canadian startup eco-system.
Beyond the Startline Featuring Corey Wagner
6.4.2019 | Invest Kelowna
In this guest post, Accelerate Okanagan takes us beyond the startline and behind the scenes with Corey Wagner, CEO of Bananatag. Read on to learn how Corey and his two cofounders launched this high growth global company from the Okanagan.
A Guide to Coworking in the Okanagan
5.16.2019 | Invest Kelowna
Guest Post from our friends at Accelerate Okanagan It’s no secret that the future of work is changing. Entrepreneurs, remote workers, and small teams aren't looking for office space, they are looking for shared spaces where they can work, connect, and collaborate. Building strong community,…
IPMC Smart Technologies Makes the Smart Move to Kelowna
5.16.2019 | Invest Kelowna
“As we continue to grow IPMC Smart Technologies’ presence in North America we’ve benefited from connectivity to the regions start-up community, including the local network of great talent and support organizations such as Accelerate Okanagan, Central Okanagan Economic Development Commission, Kelowna…
Better Earth Gardens and Tropicals - Cultivating a Family Business
5.2.2019 | Invest Kelowna
Harnessing ten years of greenhouse experience in Manning, AB, the Walisser family takes advantage of the Okanagan's long growing season to cultivate a multi-generational business.
4.30.2019 | Invest Kelowna
The Q1 Economic Indicators Report includes cumulative statistics for 10 key economic indicators for January to March 2019.
Accelerate Okanagan Agritech News
4.23.2019 | Invest Kelowna
Guest Post from Accelerate Okanagan. Shipping cherries overseas is a high stakes game – every container carries approximately $100,000 of fruit. International consumers are becoming increasingly picky and buyers will only accept high-quality cherries at port. Naomi DeLury, Knowledge and Technology…
Kelowna Free Graze Lamb - Young Farmers Look to the Future
4.15.2019 | Invest Kelowna
“It isn’t a conventional model of farming,” says Morin, “particularly in this area where there are so many multi-generational, old farm properties. But people have been great, including the neighbouring farms. They seem to want to help us which has us feeling quite grateful.”