On its continued support for the local business community and efforts around attraction and retention of new and innovative companies, the Central Okanagan Economic Development Commission (COEDC) led the creation of the Make it Here brand and video in the fall of 2014. The brand identity was created for the purpose of building awareness about the entrepreneurial spirit that abounds in this region, especially around the growing technology industry. The goal is to reach individuals and businesses that would benefit from the vibrant culture and innovative community in the Okanagan and showcase everything the region has to offer.

The COEDC acknowledges that individual recruitment efforts and one-off campaigns are both expensive and ineffective. Focusing on a culture of collaboration, the Make it Here campaign was created to help promote the region around the globe with a consistent message that can be applied to any industry and business sector.

Find the essence of why you do what you do, tell your story. Anyone can make "IT" happen in the Central Okanagan. What is your "IT"? Entertainment? Adventures? Games? Robots? Money? Love? Family? Dreams?

The COEDC wants to extend the invitation to businesses and stakeholder organizations in the Central Okanagan to use the Make it Here video for their recruitment efforts. If you believe your company can benefit from using this brand, please get in touch with us atinfo@investkelowna.com or 250-469-6280 for more information.

For More Information Contact:

Corie Griffiths

Manager, Economic Development

Central Okanagan Economic Development Commission

(250) 469-6280

Video Creative Team: Kelsey Helm, Nick Clements, Deanna Kent-McDonald, Neil Hooson, Joseph Pauls, Karen Mason, Nathan Karsgaard