The COEDC collects a wide range of statistics and data on a monthly basis, allowing the Commission to track key indicators and get a better picture of where the region stands.

As an additional tool, and expanding on the quick stats dashboard in the COEDC website, the quarterly Economic Indicators Report provides a snapshot on 9 key statistics - offering a comparative perspective with previous years as well as with other Canadian locations.

TheEconomic Indicators Report for Q2 2017 can now be found on the resources page of the COEDC website.

Statistics to note include building permit values - "Residential building permit values in the Central Okanagan are up 40% from last year, reaching an all-time high of $528 million for the Jan-Jun 2017 time period" - and multi-family housing starts - "Multi-family units continue to lead the increase in housing starts with 104% growth in the first half of 2017".