The Central Okanagan Economic Development Commission (COEDC) has released the Region’s first Economic Profile for Agriculture – an online document aimed at supporting new and existing agricultural land owners in the Central Okanagan by providing access to a wide range of essential information and quick links to key resources. The new Central Okanagan Economic Profile for Agriculture is accessible through the COEDC’s website.

The Profile is the latest addition to the suite of resources available from the Commission which provide statistical information, economic trends and key contacts aimed at supporting economic growth and development among all business sectors in the Central Okanagan. “With the significant change taking place around agriculture and Central Okanagan farm operators exploring new value-added uses for their land, there is a vast amount of information to be explored, from trends and opportunities around agriculture today to the regulatory infrastructure related to agriculture in the Central Okanagan,” says Corie Griffiths, Manager for the COEDC.

“Our work with the agriculture sector to date has identified the need for both new and existing landowners to have early access to information – but often they don’t know where to access the information to address the questions and challenges they are facing. Whether someone is considering purchasing agricultural land in the Region and is not sure what to do with it, or a traditional farm operator is considering adding agri-tourism activities to their business, the Profile is a valuable tool for understanding the regulatory framework affecting agriculture, identifying viable business opportunities, and accessing resources and contacts available to support them at all stages of their business development.”