In light of the current COVID-19 situation, the COEDC is thankful to all the local businesses that are going above and beyond in supporting the community. Thank you AEM for your leadership.

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Normal operations haven’t completely shut down for Anodyne Electronics Manufacturing Corp. (AEM), but the Kelowna company has still found a way to help in the fight against COVID-19.

The company’s CEO Brian Wall identified available capacity in the company’s 32,000 sq. ft. facility that is now being used to produce personal protective equipment for healthcare workers.

“When the news of the COVID-19 pandemic initially broke, we immediately started discussions with local health authorities, as well as provincial and federal government representatives to offer support in any way we could,” said Wall.

“We knew we had the equipment and expertise to manufacture various components of PPE and life-support equipment, so when presented with the opportunity to produce these urgently-needed shields, we got to work right away.”

AEM can manufacture about 1,500 face shields per day at their Kelowna facility before distributing them across Canada, with their priority being filling demand in BC first.

The company is prepared to continue filling orders for face shields until the need is sufficiently met.

According to Wall, AEM has also been identified as a potential resource for mechanical ventilators.

“We have made ourselves available and stand at-the-ready to participate with the production of ventilators should there be a need to support the two Government-approved organizations currently working jointly in this undertaking,” he said.

As a Transport Canada-approved manufacturer, AEM already meets the high levels of quality assurance needed to make PPE for healthcare workers across Canada.


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