In light of the current COVID-19 situation, the COEDC is thankful to all the local businesses that are going above and beyond in supporting the community. Thank you Secure-Rite for your leadership.

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If anything is certain during this pandemic, it’s that individuals, businesses, and organizations are realizing their own sense of ingenuity and flexibility as they strive towards continuity. It is also more apparent than ever how important our community is and how crucial it is to support each other through this time of need.

In addition to offering online booking for storage rentals, Secure-Rite has been busy delivering storage containers to businesses that need help, and lending units to organizations like Interior Health and the Animal Food Bank for incoming donations. We are also actively seeking out communities or businesses that need space for sanitization stations, worksite storage, first aid rooms, or even mobile medical facilities.

If you are looking for storage, a way to downscale your operations during the pandemic, mobile sanitization or medical stations, Secure-Rite is here and ready to help.

We will pull through this together.

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