Farm Financials to Help You Sleep at Night - Part One


November 14, 2019


10:00 am - 11:00 am





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Presented by Farm Management Canada

Agriculture is a sector riddled with uncertainty. Most recently, international trade disputes have increased uncertainty for Canada's farmers. This is causing many farmers to worry about their financial performance and its impact on the future of their farm. Such uncertainty is keeping many farmers up at night, and contributing to increased stress, anxiety and difficulty making sound management decisions. Not knowing, or fully understanding, where things are financially on the farm compounds the stress.

Through analyzing aspects of financial performance and using certain tools, like "what-if" scenarios, farmers become more aware of their situation. This gives them the ability to assess the actual resilience of the farm when faced with potential threats, and further, has the benefit of reducing the stress caused by these "unknowns".

In this presentation, Terry and Gavin Betker will use their consulting experience to provide insight into analyzing financial resiliency and how what-if scenarios can be used ... both designed to help you sleep at night.

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