The Art of Valuation


November 26, 2020


9:00 am - 12:00 pm


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Presented by Angel Forum Vancouver

November 26, 9am - 12pm

This module is a part of NACO Academy Module Series.

This highly reviewed webinar is geared to both entrepreneurs and investors. It will take place in one 3-hour session. This is a serious half day webinar, not a simple 1 hour overview and is primarily designed for founders and investors in startup to early revenue technology companies, seeking Seed or Series A stage funding.

Instructor: Pieter Dorsman

This module will show you how to valuate early stage investments and will cover:

  • Common valuation practices in Canada and the US;
  • Pre-revenue valuations;
  • The art vs. science discussion;
  • Negative outcomes if the agreed valuation is too high or too low;
  • Role of the founders/entrepreneurs in setting the right valuation;
  • Role of the angel investors in setting the right valuation;
  • Risk mitigation strategies (preferred and convertible structures, price protection);
  • Some notable schools of thought on valuation
  • Market trends
  • Lots of case studies

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