Going Digital with DER3 Business Advisor, Richard Takai


February 22, 2021


10:00 am - 2:00 pm


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Ready to get digital?

Sit down with Accelerate Okanagan’s DER3 Business Advisor, Richard Takai, to learn more about how your business can improve its online presence and connect with customers.

Small and Mainstreet business owners are seeking new ways to connect with their customers and adapt to an increasingly digital world. To support this digital transformation, Accelerate Okanagan has recently launched DER3—a program designed to support any businesses that are looking to expand online by leveraging local expertise and digital services.

Join Accelerate Okanagan’s DER3 Business Advisor, Richard Takai, to talk about where your business is now and where you need to be. Richard will be able to share advice and best practices and connect you with local experts who can help your business reach the digital goals you’ve set.

Benefits of Going Digital:

  • Increase your revenue through online sales
  • Adapt to new customer behaviour
  • Expand into new markets or opportunities
  • Create a digital marketing strategy
  • Short & long term planning
  • Respond to COVID-19 challenges
  • Effectively run your business remotely

Applications for DER3 close March 15. Learn more about DER3 here.

Register LINK: https://www.accelerateokanagan.com/community/events/going-digital-der3-business-advisor-richard-takai/

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