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From research and training at UBC Okanagan, Okanagan College and the BC Cancer Agency, to private sector innovations in health technologies and patient care and public investment in state of the art health facilities, the Central Okanagan is the healthcare hub of the BC Interior.

Learn more by downloading the Health Sector Industry Profile.

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Sector Overview

Health care is an important sector in the Central Okanagan with two distinct sector forms: health care services provided by Interior Health Authority, non-profit and for-profit healthcare businesses; and research and development.  Providing a wide range of integrated health care programs and service The Interior Health Authority is the hub of health care for the Central Okanagan. Interior Health's services include in-hospital as well as a wide variety of other important services including:

  • Prevention and Health Promotion
  • Home and Community Care
  • Residential Care
  • Mental Health and Substance Use
  • Environmental Safety & Public Health Protection
  • Lab and Diagnostic Imaging Services

Industry Highlights

  • 8% of the region's workforce is employed in the health sector
  • Interior Health Authority supports a population of 730,000 with an annual budget of $2.3 billion
  • Kelowna General Hospital (KGH) is the site of the University of British Columbia's Medical School Clinical Academic Campus - a critical physician training facility
  • 44 medical facilities provide diverse and specialized care
  • Partnerships with the tech secctor have resulted in new technology applications in the health field including QHR Technologies electronic medical record platform
  • Talent pipeline supported by responsive public post-secondary institutions and directed regional attraction and retention initiatives

Employment Information

8% of the region's workforce is employed in the health sector
Central Okanagan Health
Total Business 1,485
W/O Employees 753
W Employees 732
1-4 482
5-9 122
10-19 80
20-49 24
50-99 12
100-199 5
200-499 3
500+ 1
NOC Median Central Okanagan Wage Median Wage British Columiba
3142 - Physiotherapists $37.00/HR $37.00/HR
3143 - Occupational Therapists $38.42/HR $38.42/HR
3211 - Medical Laboratory Technologists $32.05/HR $32.05/HR
3213 - Animan Health Techologist and Veterinary Technicians $20.50/HR $20.50/HR
3214 - Respiratory Therapists, Clinical Perfusionists and Cardiopulmonary Technologists $33.00/HR $33.00/HR
3215 - Medical Radiation Technologists $34.50/HR $34.50/HR
3233 - Licensed Practical Nurses $25.75/HR $27.00/HR
3234 - Paramedical Occupations $26.78/HR $26.78/HR
3222 - Dental Hygienists and Dental Therapists $41.00/HR $41.00/HR

Competitive Advantages

  • State of the art hospital facilities KGH in Kelowna
  • Highly-skilled and qualified local workforce
  • Talent pipeline supported by responsive public post-secondary institutions and directed regional attraction and retention intitiatives
  • Top university and college research facilities supporting industry development
  • BC provides a suite of provincial tax credits and exemptions to encourage business investment and innovation.  A summary of credits can be found in the Health Sector Profile

Local Success Stories

The strength of the regional health and technology sectors has been a catalyst for companies providing specialized tech-based health and medical solutions.  The Central Okanagan has a growing population as well as supports an aging baby-boom population with diverse and complex health services needs serviced by local firms and interconnected services.  As it is nationally, the regional health services industry has a low unemployment rate and tends to be less impacted by economic fluctuations.

Empowering Providers, Connecting Patients

Applying new technologies to healthcare QHR Technologies was founded in 2004 and offers two products; Medeo Virtual Care App, and Accuro-EMR - the largest single electronic medical record platform in the country.  QHR Technologies has led the way empowering providers and connecting patients to improve patient care and enhance the efficiencies of healthcare organizations.  Now a division of Loblaw Companies Ltd., their mission is to unite Canadian healthcare, connecting providers and their patients to information and each other. 

Full Time Employees: 320

Examples of Health Firms in the Central Okanagan

Catalyst Healthcare is a leading provider of medication safety and workflow solutions. Recognizing the need for a solution that fully integrated medication safety, workflow, and automation Catalyst developed oneMAR. oneMAR is an internet-based inventory tracking and communication tool that uses point-of-care bar-code scanning to ensure medications packaged and checked by the pharmacy are administered to the right patient at the right time. Today, Catalyst is the largest eMAR provider in  Canada, and has the second largest footprint in North America. Full Time Employees: 11-50 

ICAN  Resource Group Inc., founded in 2011, supports independence for persons with disabilities through technology. The C9000 Assitive Device, an advanced assisted living device, is a retractable straw, sip-and-puff tube, and oral suction device that allows for individuals to reduce dependence on attendants. 

CoreHealth Technologies, founded in 2004, provides an all-in-one corporate wellness platform for workplace health and wellness programs. The CoreHealth platform simplifies and accelerates the delivery of corporate wellness programs. Full Time Employees: 5

Central Okanagan Regional Hospital District Board resposible for decisions and funding of capital expenditures for the hospital. The Central Okanagan Regional Hospital District funds a 40% share of the hospital facility construction and funding for the purchase of major equipment. Board Membership: 13