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COEDC goes behind the scenes at KF Aerospace
10.1.2019 | Invest Kelowna
On Thursday, September 26th, the Central Okanagan Economic Development Commission’s Advisory Council had the opportunity to get to know more about the region’s largest private sector employer’s unique craft in a behind the scenes tour and “state of the industry” roundtable.
Aerospace News Vol. 3
9.20.2019 | Invest Kelowna
Working in aerospace and aviation is exciting! If you are looking for a career on the front lines, there are a number of programs right here in the Okanagan that can get you there. Let’s look at some of the career options available and a few educational offerings that can help one take on an…
Central Okanagan Embarks on 7th Annual Small Business Walk
9.19.2019 | Invest Kelowna
On the morning of Wednesday, October 2nd elected officials, municipal staff and volunteers from business support organizations will take to the streets to connect with local businesses in the Central Okanagan. The walk takes place from 10 am to 1 pm in Lake Country, Kelowna, West Bank First Nation,…
Clearing an icy windshield is about to get easier
8.27.2019 | Invest Kelowna
Scraping an icy windshield can be a seasonal struggle for those that live in colder climates. But engineers from UBC’s Okanagan campus are aiming to ease that winter frustration with a new surface coating that can shed ice from large areas using little effort.
Leading by Design - AEM Corp
8.23.2019 | Invest Kelowna
In 2009, when avionics maker Northern Airborne Technology (NAT) decided to close its manufacturing operations in Canada, a group of employees recognized an opportunity they couldn’t pass up. There was still considerable demand for NAT products in the marketplace, and the talent pool left behind at…
Vitalis - The Okanagan offers FOMO
8.22.2019 | Invest Kelowna
Building a global company outside of a major city centre, we had the usual reservations; will we find the right talent? Will we be able to recruit and convince key hires to potentially relocate to the Okanagan? Will we be able to grow at the rate required in order to not only compete but lead the…
Geometrik: How to Build a World-Class Business
7.31.2019 | Invest Kelowna
Natasha and Vladimir Bolshakov's first stop in Canada was Toronto's Pearson airport as new immigrants from Ukraine. Seventeen years later, their Kelowna based company, Geometrik Manufacturing, designs and builds high end acoustical wood panels for buildings all over North America, including Pearson…
Screen Time Can be Green Time
7.25.2019 | Invest Kelowna
From botany to Robert Bateman to augmented reality - learn more about Mary Clarke's winding path to CEO of Agents of Discovery in this post from Okanagan Edge and Kelowna Chamber of Commerce.
7.23.2019 | Invest Kelowna
Exciting news from our friends at Accelerate Okanagan "We’ve set some big and audacious goals," explains Acting CEO, Brea Lake. "In the next 5 years Okanagan Tech will have an economic impact of $5 Billion, be a level 5 Techstars Community Score, and a membership of 5X."