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Emergency Preparedness: Be Proactive, Stay Informed, and Take Action.

Being prepared for emergencies is crucial for the safety and well-being of ourselves, our loved ones, and our businesses.
We understand the importance of being proactive and ready for any unexpected events. That’s why we have compiled the below list of resources, where you’ll find helpful tips and information to help you prepare for emergencies that could impact your business.
Let’s work together to be proactive and stay informed.

Central Okanagan Emergency Operations

Central Okanagan Emergency Operations is the region’s primary resource related to an emergency event. You will find the latest updates, an interactive map, preparedness resources, as well as a number of additional resources specific to a number of potential emergency situations. To stay informed, we encourage Central Okanagan residents to sign up for email updates to receive notification from the Emergency Program.

Be prepared | Central Okanagan Emergency Operations 

Forest Impact Recovery Support

Does your rural business face challenges due to wildfires and climate changes in the Central Okanagan? Wondering how to navigate these hurdles and access crucial business support? Connect with our Forest Impact Recovery Advisor for personalized guidance, tailored solutions, and a path toward resilience. Let’s work together to tackle these challenges and build a stronger future.

Business Continuity Planning Resources

Developing contingency plans to respond to emergencies is one way to protect your business cash flows, workforce, and service delivery.

Preparing for the unexpected is a best practice for business operational continuity.

Business Continuity Resources & Guides:

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