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The Connector Program is a formalized community networking/integration initiative designed to broaden a job seeker’s network through one-on-one in-person meetings with established business leaders in the community. It’s a simple, effective, no-cost referral process putting newcomers in touch with highly networked individuals to better connect to our workforce and settle more successfully in our community. Finding great employment is one of the greatest factors influencing newcomers and post-secondary graduates to stay and fill our ever-increasing labour market.

Become a Connectee

If you are new to the region, a soon-to-be post-secondary student or recent post-secondary graduate, the Connector Program application can be found below.

Connectee FAQ
Why participate?
Who can participate?
What are the benefits of becoming a connectee?

Become a Connector

While we have amazing Connectors, we’re always looking to expand our network. If giving back by helping newcomers and recent graduates more-easily become part of our community interests you, the Connector application is belo

Connector FAQ
What is a Connector?
What is a connector’s role?
What are the benefits of being a Connector?

If you have any questions, or are looking for more information e-mail

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  • Finding work in the region
  • Professionalism
  • Networking 101
  • Preparing for an informational interview