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Transform your business through our Central Okanagan business support programs – developed with the insights of more than 250 Okanagan companies.

Access 1-1 Business Support

At the COEDC, we’re committed to spurring economic growth in the Central Okanagan. As a regional business support leader, our business development experts work with you to better understand your challenges and find custom solutions that help you flourish.

As an entrepreneur in the Central Okanagan, working with the COEDC means more strategic connections with potential partners, customers and support organizations.

The Pulse of Our Community

We’re dedicated to giving small businesses a voice.

Every October during Small Business Month, our Business Walk gathers partners from local municipalities, support organizations and entrepreneurs to listen to our small business owners. This invaluable information is shared with the public and informs our year-round business support action plans.

Help Build the Okanagan Workforce

Are you a business owner with an established network and a passion for giving back?

Through the COEDC Connector Program, you can leverage your network and business insights to help newcomers find their place in the Central Okanagan. As a connector, you will also gain access to a pool of emerging talent in our region.

Agriculture & Agri-Tourism Support

The Okanagan Valley is a major centre for agriculture production and innovation in British Columbia and Canada.

Okanagan farmers use innovative technologies and processes to increase production while preserving the environment, export products globally and align with the tourism sector to add new revenue streams to their operations.

The COEDC offers farm operators, aspiring farm operators and agriculture businesses one-on-one expertise and support.

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Your Personalized Business Support

Want to learn more about our business walks, one-on-one business support and programs to help you grow your business? Reach out to our team of business development professionals today.