The latest from the COEDC and friends

Techstars Community Pilot Project
2.23.2018 | Invest Kelowna
Corie Griffiths, Director of the Central Okanagan Development Commision, shares her thoughts on the Techstars Community Pilot Project.
COEDC Releases Economic Indicators Report for 4th Quarter of 2017
1.24.2018 | Invest Kelowna
In an effort to keep the public and business community informed on the economy of the region, The Regional District of Central Okanagan’s Economic Development Commission (COEDC) - the Region’s primary business resource - releases a publically available quarterly Economic Indicators Report…
4th Generation Farmer on a Mission to Grow the "Best Peaches Ever"
12.14.2017 | Invest Kelowna
From hosting school tours to community volunteering, the culture at Paynter’s Fruit Market is based on “connecting families back to the land and teaching people where their food comes from,” Jennay says. Its mission is “to provide a happy, local, friendly place for people to shop for fresh,…
2018 COEDC Advisory Board Announcedd
12.5.2017 | Invest Kelowna
The COEDC has a 40+ member advisory body including key industry leaders representing various sectors.
Aerospace sector in the Central Okanagan can lead the way in economic growth
11.23.2017 | Invest Kelowna
The Central Okanagan is home to a growing segment of well-established and emerging aerospace companies and suppliers offering a diverse range of products and services, including Maintenance, Repair, Overhaul/In-Service Support (MRO-ISS), rotary wing and avionics.
Sustainable Practices Benefit Farmers & Community
11.3.2017 | Invest Kelowna
“Ultimately I want to be able to produce the highest quality of nuts available using sustainable practices that are good for the environment, the farmer and the community,” Brenda Durealt, Curly Frog Farms
Central Okanagan Economic Indicators Report Q3 2017
10.23.2017 | Invest Kelowna
The Economic Indicators Report for Q3 2017 is now available in the resources page of the COEDC website.
Central Okanagan embarks on 6th Annual Small Business Walk
9.11.2017 | Invest Kelowna
On the morning of Wednesday, October 4th elected officials, municipal staff and volunteers from business support organizations will take to the streets to connect with local businesses in the Central Okanagan. The walk takes place from 9am to noon in Lake Country, Kelowna, West Bank First Nation,…
Central Okanagan Farmer Spotlight
8.21.2017 | Invest Kelowna
Read how a family of Los Angeles city-slickers became Lake Country orchardists and a farmer with deep roots in the Okanagan transformed the family farm.