Welcoming Our New Forest Impact Recovery Advisor

COEDC News January 29, 2024

We are delighted to announce a pivotal addition to our team at the Central Okanagan Economic Development Commission—Sue Ross, our new Forest Impact Recovery Advisor.

Sue invites rural businesses in the Central Okanagan impacted by wildfire or other climate-related events to connect and engage. With a deep passion for empowering rural communities and ensuring their prosperity, she offers free consultations to businesses and is committed to helping them achieve their goals. Sue believes rural businesses can become stronger and more successful with the right guidance and support.

Having worked in a variety of sectors for over 20 years, Sue brings extensive expertise as a management consultant, executive coach, and facilitator. Her work spans economic development, social enterprise operations, customer service leadership, and supporting entrepreneurs in launching and growing their businesses.

Sue is well-versed in helping businesses navigate and succeed through the current challenges, making her an ideal candidate to guide businesses toward a successful future.

Over the last five years, Sue has helped countless organizations launch and expand their businesses. She has a strong track record of success in helping companies identify opportunities for growth and creating strategies to capitalize on them. Sue’s expertise also includes leveraging technology to drive efficiency and productivity. She is passionate about helping others succeed and is committed to helping businesses reach their full potential.

Start a conversation today about your unique challenges by getting in touch with Sue from Wavelength Strategies at fir@investkelowna.com – but don’t be surprised if she reaches out first! Book an appointment with Sue.