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OKGo July 7, 2022

Original post by Sara Scott, available on Accelerate Okanagan

The Central Okanagan is officially Canada’s fastest growing metropolitan area. And the local businesses are keeping pace.

The Okanagan’s iconic weather and landscapes aren’t the only reason for this growth: a network of supportive organizations, competitive tax climate and passion for collaboration make the Central Okanagan one of the best places to start and grow a business. That is why the COEDCTourism Kelowna and Accelerate Okanagan partnered to create OKGo, a campaign that highlights the most innovative entrepreneurs operating in Kelowna and the Central Okanagan’s key industries.

OKGo features businesses and entrepreneurs who are making waves in their sector. Through this storytelling, OKGo seeks to illustrate just how much of an impact the businesses in the Central Okanagan are making locally and across the world.

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Leveraging the ideal climate for growing, Kelowna’s agriculture industry has established itself across the world for creating exceptional products. More importantly, this sector is seeing innovative approaches to how they operate on a global scale. Whether it’s adjusting their production to fill gaps in the availability of cherries, providing proprietary cannabis strains for licensed producers, or transitioning to provide value-added fruit products, the Central Okanagan is continuously proving itself to be an agricultural hot spot.

Curious to find out how Jealous Fruits, Klonetics and Farming Karma are growing?




Occupying a variety of areas in the industry, the Central Okanagan’s manufacturing sector spans more that 600 companies. From acoustical wood panelling and cannabis to cosmeceuticals and nutraceuticals, the local industry is making it easy for new and growing businesses to access great partners in their own backyard.

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Did you know that some of the world’s leading aerospace businesses operate out of Kelowna? Whether it’s satellite communications, aircraft audio communications equipment or heavy maintenance and overhaul services, the Central Okanagan is becoming a holistic source for aerospace solutions.

Interested in learning how SKYTRAC, Alpine Aerotech and Jupiter Avionics are taking off?




The Central Okanagan is home to some of Canada’s top wineries but that’s not stopping them from exploring new innovations. As the valley grows, the industry is adopting a shift into sustainable business practices, farming and wine-making. Reducing pesticides, leveraging the natural ecosystems and making the switch to organic certification are being explored by local organizations to help preserve the region’s beauty.

Want to see how 50th Parallel, Cedar Creek and Off the Grid are bottling success?



Digital Tech

Growing from the landmark acquisition of Club Penguin, the Central Okanagan’s digital tech landscape has established itself as powerhouse in the industry. With strategic support from organizations like Canada’s Digital Technology Supercluster, a diverse set of companies working in everything from mobile gaming to patented networks that minimize latency to internal communications software (that lead to the Okanagan’s first unicorn), this forward-thinking and risk-taking community is leaving its mark worldwide.

Intersted to learn how Hyper Hippo, WTFast and Staffbase got their big release?



Learn more about OKGo or download Vol. 2 of the magazine here.

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